Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Yesterday I went to Bike The Drive, which is where Chicago closes down Lake Shore Drive for 5 hours and opens it to Bikers. If you bike the whole thing it is about 30 miles. I biked 20 of the 30. It was raining and cold at the beginning, but by the time we were done it was sunny and warm. I'm having trouble posting pictures to my blog right now, so they might be out of order.

I rode the train down to Chicago and on the way there met a man named George that was also doing Bike The Drive. I noticed his backpack was camoflauge and it said Operation Iraqi Freedom. I felt so priviledged to meet him and hear his story. One thing that stuck out to me were his eyes. He was telling me stories about how no one cares when they get home. He was telling me how hard it was in Iraq to watch the New York New Years Eve celebration on TV because it made them wonder if anyone was remembering them. The thing that stuck out to me was when he said, "we train ourselves out there not to expect anything when we get home because then we won't be hurt when it doesn't happen." He was travelling home from serving a year in Iraq, the airline asked if anyone would give up their seat for these soldiers to get home. No one did. When they did get on the plane because standbys didn't show up, no one would even make eye contact with them. He said it hurt. He was with three younger soldiers who he didn't know, but told them to get used to it and not to expect anything. His eyes showed me how hurt he is even though he says he's trained himself not to be.

Let's remember our soldiers this Memorial Day!! When you see a soldier thank them for serving our country. I always have my kids do this and only one time did we get a negative comment. Otherwise, it has always been greeted with a smile and a handshake. George told me that when people DO thank him it means the world to him. Let's not hurt our soldiers anymore. Which ever side you are on with this war let's put it aside and not forget our men and women serving. They need our support.

The best thing that I did was stop at a memorial for all the soldiers that have died in Iraq. It was right near Bike The Drive. They had boots of soldiers with their names, ages, where they were from, and some momento or picture for each soldier. It was very moving. Please remember our soldiers this Memorial Day. This is more than just a day off work, day to BBQ, day to go shopping and a day off school. Please take time to remember those who have died, those who have fought, and those who are fighting.

These two rows of boots are soldiers who have died from Illinois.

Happy Memorial Day to all the soldiers who have gone before, who have fought, and who are fighting to make America the best place to live. I appreciate you all very much and pray for you all.

Please remember our soldiers today and everyday!!


Wylee said...

Amen! God bless our American soldiers!

Laura Blackwell said...

Cool Memorial with the boots!!