Wednesday, May 16, 2007

An email from my brother

I received an email from my brother Karl in Spanish. Here is his email:


Espero le y su familia y tener un rato muy maravilloso. Le faltamos
mucho y somos impacientes tenerle hogar. Tenga por favor un buen rato
y recuérdenos. Si venden el rocío de la montaña allí, cómpreme
lata o botella de a y tráigale el hogar con usted. Espero que usted
pueda leer esta nota, yo estoy un poco oxidado en mi español. Su
ordenador principal puede ayudarle quizá a leer esto. Estamos rogando
para usted y miramos adelante a oír sus historias cuando usted
consigue casero.

¡Le amamos!

Karlos y Sara y bebé Lucas

I had my friend Michelle translate it for me. It was a little hard, but she was able to give me the jist of the email, so I decided to put it into one of those great translators online and here is the translation:

Hello! I expect him and its family and to have a while very marvelous. We lack him a lot and we are impatient to
have him home. Consider favor a good while and recall us. If they sell the dew of the mountain there, buy me tin
plating or bottle from to and bring him the home with you. I expect that you can read this note, I am a little
oxidized in my Spaniard. Its main computer can help him perhaps to read this. We are begging for you and we look at
ahead to hear its histories when you obtain landlord. We love him! Karlos and Sara and baby Lucas

Thanks for the email bro. I'm just glad I had Michelle here to help me understand it.


Tannerman said...

That's some funky translation there!

Anonymous uncle said...

Yep, that's what it says. (I took Spanish in high school years ago and that looks like one of my translations!)