Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I got caught giving Lukey M&M's. He loved them as you can tell, but got cut off after 4 M&M's. I love being an Auntie.


Siren said...

Your hair looks really cute there - did you just get it cut?

Aunt Linda said...

You naughty aunt, you!!! Love Aunt Linda xoxo PS Your hair does look cute!!

Darcar said...

Luke is such an adorable baby. I feel bad when I forget my laugh scares him. :) That's EXACTLY what Aunties are for, and don't forget it. Especially when your kiddies are with me!

hey - where's the pictures dedicated to another auntie and your children from a certain opening night that will have all your fans adoring your "HAIR"do.

TriGirl said...

Melissa, Just thought i would let you know about my new blog.. Hope all is well.