Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple Cider Century

Today I did the Apple Cider Century in Three Oaks Michigan. I did it with my buddy, Darlene. We did the 50 mile loop last year and this year we decided to do the 25 mile loop. I don't have a long time to write right now, but wanted to let you know that I made it about 20 of the 25 miles. I have been having trouble with my left ankle and it really started hurting everytime I would peddle. The last 5 miles was very hilly and I didn't want to chance hurting it worse, so I opted out of the last 5 miles. I was bummed, but had a great day. It was great being with a friend, enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful scenary. We are already going to sign up for next year. Our goal next year is to do 50 again. I'll write more and include pictures when I can.

Oh Yeah, on the drive home we saw a bike on the expressway. We are wondering if someone even knows that they lost their bike of their rack. I cannot even imagine getting home and finding your bike missing. It's almost as bad as when I read someone's blog who forgot that their bike was on their roof top rack and went through the starbucks drive thru, i think, and runied their bike.

Next up, my Halloween 5k on October 20th. My goal is to finish in under an hour!! GO ME!!

I need to get to bed. I'm pretty tired. I'll write more later.


Go Mom Go said...

My Dad LOVES the Apple Cider century. He had his knees replaced a year ago and talks about doing the Apple Cider again some day. Maybe I can get there with him next year! That would be fun! He has said that it is an event that the whole family would enjoy as well, besides the biking people. So that may be a great chance to get everyone there.

Take care of yourself! Keep on the great path you are on!


Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle and congrats on getting as far as you did. I wish you the best of luck at the 5k on Halloween!

darcar said...

You were great at the bike ride. I was very proud of you for pushing it like you did, but then also being smart to call it quits before you "ruined" yourself. It was hard to make that decision, but now you haven't damaged that ankle and can keep training for the Halloween Hustle. By the way, Tricia saw my "costume" for choir on Halloween - ask her about it! :)