Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Crazy Stressful Week is Done!!

Here is my week in a nutshell. . .

1. Sun. Apple Cider Century went well. Didn't make it the whole 25 miles, but didn't want to hurt my ankle before my week long teaching assignment. See previous post.
2. Mon-Fri. My teaching experience was incredible. I observed on Monday and the teacher had me teaching on Tuesday. I taught Wednesday, Thursday, and helped on Friday. Friday was cool because it was a field trip. I also got an A+ on an art project that I did. The kids were great. They didn't want me to leave. One girl gave me a sweet note and I got lots of hugs as I left. The principal said I could give him my resume when I was done with school. What a compliment.
3. Mon. and Thurs. I went to and finished most of my homework for my two college classes.
4. I was able to make babysitting arrangements for Mon-Thurs. for my daughter who decided that this stressful week was a good week to get sick. She is doing well and was able to go back to school on Friday. HUGE THANKS TO CINDY, AUNTIE DARDAR, KEITH, SARA, and TERRIE (who it ends up I didn't need, but she was willing!!) I couldn't have done it without you guys. YOU ROCK!!
5. Sat.(today)- I took my 2nd state certification test. I'm not that confident on how I did, but we'll see. I can take it again in November if I need too. If I don't pass this I cannot move on to student teaching. Please pray for that for me.
6. Sat. 8:30pm (tonight) I'm getting ready for bed. Good night.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement this week. Thank you all for your support and encouragement on this crazy journey of mine. You all are the best!! My birthday is one week from today. GO ME!!


Duane said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shump said...

I think it was a red brick church, I remember seeing the Moody Church and that was not it, but the church that was handing out water was before the Moody one.

My wife's blog is

Thanks for your support, and concern. We love the city and will be back.

Nytro said...

hey chica... had to make my blog private for a bit. let me know if you're interested in having access and i'll sign up up.