Sunday, September 09, 2007

A great Sunday!!

I had a great day today and here's why:

-I sang in choir at church for the first time. I felt so close to God. Closer than I have ever felt before.
_ I didn't have any doughnuts in Sunday school and you know what I wasn't even tempted.
-I ate lunch with a great couple from church and their kids.
-I got to go out on the boat with Keith and the kids and watch the kids for the first time in a double tube. I picked it up at a garage sale for 15 bucks. They were singing, talking, and laughing while tubing. It was so fun.
-I loved watching Keith with the kids. He is an awesome Dad and I am so blessed to have him as my hubby.
_ Our pastor talked about loving others today at church and how that isn't always easy because we are called to love even those hard people. Today was a great day because I revisited just how much God loved me. He loved me so much he sent His only son to die on the cross for me and forgive me my sins. My sins are forgiven. If He loves me that much, who am I not to love others as much as He loved me. It's such a great feeling to think about how much he loves me and how it is unconditional.

Goals this week: Lose 3 pounds, read my bible 5 times this week, show someone I love them, get to the gym 5 times, go to spinning once (give my old spinning teacher a heart attack), have a fun week, and realize how blessed I am EVERYDAY!!

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