Monday, September 10, 2007

What I accomplished today and what I am grateful for

Today was Monday and was a good day.

I worked out with my friend Cindy. We are working out 3 days a week on mon, tues, and wed. We started last week Wed and haven't missed a day yet. I was sore and tired today and did't want to go and after getting there had a great workout. Thanks Cindy for being my workout buddy.

I finished writing a lesson plan to teach to my college class and had a blast writing it and teaching. My teacher said that it was very good.

I kept on track with my eating.

I didn't eat a 3 mustketeer bar when I really wanted to

I get home from school late and usually eat and didn't even feel that temptation tonight. Go Me!!

I am grateful for:

Friends-today I was especially thankful for Cindy. She makes me laugh while I workout. :-) It so hard to laugh when your abs hurt so bad that you feel like someone is ripping them out through your belly button.
Grateful that I live in America.
Grateful that my kids are healthy and do not have any special needs.
Grateful that I have the most supportive and loving husband.
Grateful for my bed, which I need to get in now. :-)

Take time each day to think about what you are thankful for and what you have accomplished instead of focusing on the negative. It does wonders.

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Cindy :) said...

Hey Mel-
I want to tell you thanks for being my workout buddy and helping me get my momentum going again! (Dang those kids!!) It is so nice to have someone to go work out with, and to make you feel guilty for not going:)
We are doing awesome, and I hope that we keep it up! Here's to us!!
Your workout buddy,