Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm excited!

Tonight was meet the teachers night at Tricia's new school. For those of you who do not know Tricia is in 4th grade and is going to a new private school for gifted kids. This is the second week of school and a big transition for her. She was very excited last week to try cross country. She talked to the cross country coach, who is also one of her gym teachers, and they both decided that this year was not the year for her to do it because of the activities that she was in and the adjustment to a more rigerous academic schedule.

I was talking to the gym teachers after the session to see what I could do to help Trish be ready for CC next year. As we were talking triathlons came up and it ends up that one of her gym teachers does triathlons. We are going to email and he is going to help me with training for next season. I was then talking to the CC coach and he is going to help me with a running program, so I can reach my goal of running a 5K by next summer. I'm so excited.

The tri community is so awesome. They are so accepting no matter what level you are at or how you look in spandex. I cannot believe what incredible resources I found right in the gym of my daughters school. I cannot wait to talk to them both more.

I got to thinking that I need to set my eyes on some tris for next year.

Here is my plan for Summer of 2008

June-Subaru Women's Triathlon in Naperville Illinois. This was my first ever, repeated it this summer, and will do it every summer. They run a great race and I love participating in a tri that is for all women.
July-Danskin Women's Triathlon in Wisconsin-This one really scares me because it is an open swim in a lake and I haven't done that. The Tri mentioned above is in an old reseivor, so it is like you are swimming in a pool. Scared to death about the open swim, but I am comitting to doing it.
Aug.-Naperville Tri-Same location as the first one except this is a CO-ED one. I didn't really like this one summer 2006 because I had the only jerky Tri guys on my bike rack.

My plan of Summer of 2009

I plan on doing an Olympic Distance Triathlon. I have told people that I would never do that, but I have decided I will. That gives me awhile to work up it.

Thanks to my friend Duane, I'm going to work on getting my health in order. I'm going to get my feet in shape since they are always a mess when I work out and do my events. I'm going to go to a foot doctor and work on getting the right shoes. I'm going to keep losing the weight and see what happens with my lower back. Duane has always kept working on his health no matter how many copays he had to pay or hurdles he had to jump over. I'm going to start taking better care of myself in that way. He is truly an inspiration. Check out his blog. There is a link to the right called COUCH POTATO TO IRONMAN. He is the reason I started posting my weight on here. If Duane can get real about it then so can I. Thanks Duane. When you check out his blog watch the video of his first triathlon. It is truly inspirational.

I'm off to bed. Part of this whole getting healthier thing is also getting to bed at a decent hour. My eating could have been better today, but I will pull it back together tomorrow. I'm going to bed a very happy person. Good night.

Things I am grateful for today:
-WIth it being 9/11 and all I want to say that I am thankful for our military for all they do for our country. I'm grateful for all the firefighters the fought to save lives on 9/11 not even thinking about whether or not they would lose their own life and my thoughts go out to the families of every man, woman, or child that lost their life in 9/11. I am grateful for the courage they have shown and taught me.
-Thinking about 9/11 and all the lives lost makes me very grateful for my family and that God keeps giving me more days to live. I will live them to the fullest and not take them for granted.
-I'm grateful for my health. Even though I have a long way to go I am very thankful for my health and how far I've come and that I am able to workout, and participate in Triathlons.
-I'm thankful that I have a sweet, caring, loving, hubby that supports me in all my dreams and adventures. I love you Keith.
-My kids-today I got to watch them sword fight in the front yard afterschool with big foam swords laughing and having fun.
-My siblings-I love you all.


Duane said...

Great you found some coaching like that! And yes, the tri community is so great in support and encouragement! And yes, those copays hurt but were well worth it! Have a great day!

Siren said...

You know how I generally feel sheer terror about open water swims? I was nervous about tackling the Danskin course too, but it's actually the nicest lake I've ever been in. The water is so blue it's almost like being in a pool, there are no weeds to speak of and they sand the areas where we race so there's no muck! Just practice your sighting and you'll be FINE!!