Sunday, October 14, 2007

Please pray for Luz

My Aunt Linda in California has been an elementary school teacher for some time now. She had a student named Luz a couple of years ago. Luz has been diagnosed with Lukemia and has been battling it for quite some time now. My Aunt has been her at home teacher because she was too sick to attend school. My Aunt would go and teach in her classroom and then make time to teach Luz. My Aunt is an amazing woman. She and my Mom are the reason that I work with kids and the reason that I am going into teaching. Anyway, back to Luz. My kids and I write her from time to time. My Aunt is continually amazed at this little girls strength and courage. When she loses her hair she won't wear a wig. She always has a smile on her face. Luz is about to face her most strenuous treatment yet. Here is the email that my Aunt send tonight. Please pray for Luz and her family. If you want to send her a note of encouragement email me at and I will give you her address. I know that she loves getting mail.

Here is the email from my Aunt:

Hello Everybody

I am writing asking for prayer for Luz, my little student. Luz just completed her most difficult round of chemo and steroids. Then she got an infection and ran a low grade fever so she was hospitalized this past week and put on three antibiotics. She came home on Thursday and is in good spirits. She lost all of her hair again this past week.

Starting tomorrow Luz will have one and a half weeks of radiation on her brain so please pray for her for God's protection, peace for her and her family, and that they will be encouraged by many people surrounding them. The hospital is providing an apartment for Luz and her Mom that will be near the hospital so that they can rest. Pray also for her Dad and two sisters, Victoria and Vanessa, who will keep the home fires burning! They are doing the radiation as a preventive measure for the future because with her type of leukemia it often comes back in 12 - 15 years (in 5% of the cases) and effects the brain. So I am asking all of you to please uphold this precious little girl in prayer for the next couple of weeks. Soon she will be in maintenance and be able to return to school and be around people more. Then she will still have two years of chemo ahead of her but only once a month until she goes into remission.

Thank you so much for praying!
Love, Linda xoxo

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TriGirl said...

Melissa, That is so sad!! I will be thinking of her and her family. Also that is the most wonderful thing your aunt can do for her, and spending that extra time to teach Luz.. Big hugs for the little Luz!!