Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year New Me and Haiku Monday

We'll it's been a little while since I have posted anything because I have been thinking a lot about what to post. It's the new year and we are supposed to come up with new year resolutions. I can't stand those things, so I have just been doing some thinking in between all of us being sick and here is what has been happening. I decided not to wait until Jan. 1st to make some changes.

On the Weight Watcher's front:
I hadn't been to WW in about 6 weeks. One morning I got up early on a Saturday and went spinning. This was on December 22. I decided right then and there that I had to go to WW even though I hadn't been in a long time. I had just done spinning, drank lots of water, was dying, and decided to go to WW. Sure enough I had gained weight and a lot. 7 pounds. I know some of it was from the water I drank in spinning, but I also knew it was because I hadn't been active or eating right. I was back up to 304.2. I didn't let it get me down. I decided right then and there to start WW all over again like I had never been on it. Here is where I am at today.
December 22- gained 7 pounds
December 29- lost 2.8 pounds
January 5- lost 5 pounds
January 12- lost 3.6 pounds

Total lost for the past 3 weeks 11.4 pounds. I am now 295.6.

I am setting lots of small goals. 10 more pounds by February 9th, the day I leave for a trip with my hubby. 5 additional pounds by Feb. 22 another trip with hubby.

By March 15th I want to have lost 30 pounds total. That is 10% of my weight lost. That is my first major Weight Watchers goal.

We'll see how these goals go.

The next area in my life that I started working on was getting my house in order. It is hard for me to get rid of stuff, but leading up to Christmas I got rid and threw out so much stuff that It is nice to see the difference in the house. I am getting in a routine that is sticking. Once things are organized I am making a HUGE effort to keep them that way. I am starting to see a difference in how the whole family is regarding this.

I am back in the gym. My first sprint triathlon this year is June 28th. I am starting to think about training, so I am in the gym and slowly getting back into the triathlon mindset. My priorities right now are picking up the pace in my walk, so I can hopefully run my 5k in my triathlon's this summer. I have never been able to run them, so that is my goal for this summer.

It feels good to be back and I plan on making 2008 GREAT.

GO ME!! This year is the year of the Meepa!!

Here are my Haikus

I am sick of fat
It is melting off of me
Weight Watchers Works, COOL!!

It is a new year
time for renewal and change
Watch out here I come

June is when I run
a 5K until the end
tired I will be

I must get my boy
off to school on time today
so I'm signing off


Wylee said...

Sounds like you are doing great for yourself in 2008! On the organization front, I could use some myself, I used to be a flylady, it really helped me. Check out and see if it's something you might benefit from, while you're there tell them I'm on my way back. ;)
Oh yeah, GO PACKERS! That isn't a haiku, is it?

Siren said...

I think it's fantastic you're not getting discouraged by a minor holiday setback and are getting right back on the plan! In fact, reading about your efforts today actually motivated me to report in with The Calorie Nazi this morning : )

Go Mom Go said...

Great job!

I think you have some really good goals set as well.

I wish you all the best!

TriGirl said...

Melissa, Way to go on getting back on track. Yeah This is our last month and it doesn't look good. So i am excited to get back on track myself, I see a doctor today to do that. I am hoping to do the race in June again.. Wylee are you up for that? I just think the getting away was the best and meeting all you girls! Keep up the good work.. And yes I am still alive! GO PACKERS!!