Friday, March 14, 2008

Just some thoughts

I read a blog by my friend, Benny. He always seems to know to say and when to say it. His last two blog posts have been very thought provoking for me. His blog is at

He talked about happiness and your health and how all it takes is one decision at a time and when you find health you will find happiness and when you find happiness you will find good health.

He also talked about how in life we make decisions all the time. What fuel is best for our car? What is the best food to feed our pets? We are always making the best decisions for our pets, cars, jobs, and families, but we need to start doing that for ourselves. What kind of feul are you willing to put in your body?

I have really been giving my life over to God more and more each day and these things really did hit home with me. I know with God's help, friends help, and belief in myself I can start fueling my body better and living the life I derserve.

One line that really hit home in Benny's post was this:

"Do you want to struggle for the rest of your life, or do you want wellness for the rest of your life? The choice is yours. Rich or poor, the cost is the same. Make the decision to be free from your debt in life. Relieve yourself of those pressures by making the decision for wellness. Make wellness your priority just like you've made your career and your family your priority. Do it for yourself. For your loved ones. For the world. Just do it. Make the RIGHT decision."

I have always been a person that puts others first. I have a HUGE giving heart and would do anything for anybody. I even got a pin from a cast member at Disney World because I was caught doing a good deed. My point is I've always been a giver. I have learned over the last few years to say NO more and I have decided that I need to take care of myself better. I am 34 and am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The feul that I am going to put in my body is only going to be fuel that gives me positive energy. Not only am I talking about physical food, but also what I watch on TV, who I hang around with, what kind of music I listen to etc. etc. I am starting to take an inventory or my life and with God's help make the changes that I need to.

Whether or not I do another triathlon is not the issue anymore. It's whether or not I am happy and energetic and how I use these things to better my life, my family's lives, the lives of others around me, and how I, Melissa, can change the world (I know that sounds like I am going to enter a beauty pagent now).

I want to thank Benny for posting and challenging me. Keep those posts coming, Benny. I appreciate them.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Nice post. I know you are referencing someone else's post, but it's a good summary.

I like this - "all it takes is one decision at a time"

WADDLER26.2 said...

How true your post is. Certainly makes you think.

Iron Benny said...

Just when I thought that my thoughts were lost. That somehow, I'd become disconnected from others. Then you write this post and I see that the emotions that I'm feeling and writing about are powerful enough to change the hearts of others.

You are are a powerful woman Melissa. You have the power inside you to do whatever it is that you want to do. But no one is going to give it to you. No one will make the decision for you. You have to do it for yourself, just as you've done it for so many others. You will no longer be your own outlet for neglect. Instead, you will be a source of power, inspiration, spirit and wellness.

You have the power to shine Melissa. We all do. But some shine brighter than others, and with the help of God, your friends and yourself, you will shine brilliantly Melissa.