Sunday, March 09, 2008

The No Soda Showdown

Yesterday my brother had an idea and asked me if I wanted to give up soda with him starting today. It's something I've been wanting to do, so I said sure. He loves Mountain Dew and I love Diet Coke. I used to love Dr. Pepper, but gave that up years ago. Whoever gives in first and drinks a soda has to buy the other person a CD. You are going down Big Brother. Hmmmm, I wonder what CD I'll get? Any suggestions. I love Christian hip/hop, dance music, and anything good to workout to. Leave a comment with any suggestions.

My brother loves Dew as you can tell. He even wrote a poem about it years ago. Here it is:

An Ode to Dew

Do I have my Dew?
I do!
Do I do my Dew?
I do!

I do my Dew,
And Dew my do,
I cannot do
Without my Dew.

For when I Dew
I better do,
So when I must do
I do Dew too!

Without my Dew,
I cannot do,
I cannot do,
Without my Dew.

So I Dew
It’s true, It’s true!
It’s true that I will
Do my Dew!

To my Dew,
I am true,
To my Dew,
And not a few!

Do I do a Dew?
Do I do two Dews?
Two Dews I do!
Two Dews I do!
I do two Dews
Yes, it’s true!

When I do a Dew or two,
Then I do another Dew,
Another Dew I do it’s true,
The Dews I do are not a few!

If do a Dew that’s not so new
Then do Dews on Dews on Dews,
To undo Dew that wasn’t new,
For do not do Dews that are not new!

A true Dew? Not new? Not true!
Dew not new? Do NOT Do!
Do not do a Dew not new!

Well, I did my Dew,
My Dew I did,
My Dew is empty,
My Dew is rid.

I did rid my Dew I did.
Can’t do Dew if Dew is did!
If Dew is did, no more to drink,
Then no more poem I can think.

If no more think from no more drink,
Then no more Dew to run my head,
I did the Dew, now do the bed.



Kelly said...

Hi Melissa!

Karl has WAY too much time on his hands. :)

Glad you found my blog! I'm looking forward to keeping up with you through yours, too. (I think I knew you had one, but that was in my pre-blogging days -- now I'm on it!)

'cousin' Kelly

Karl Bastian said...

You are sooooo going down! Check out MY blog post that I did before I saw yours:

Wylee said...

Hey Melissa I gave up Diet Coke 6 weeks ago. I cannot begin to tell you how hard those first few days were. Now I hardly miss it. Just be careful what you substitute in it's place. Good luck to you both!

Mommymeepa said...

I'm only drinking water rigght now. It's not as hard as I thought it might be. What are you drinking instead?