Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bike the Drive 2008

I did Bike The Drive again today. This is my third year. This is where they close down Lake Shore Drive and open it to bikers for 5 hours. It is right on the Lake Front and it is fun. I biked 33 miles , which was the total ride including biking to and from the train. There will be more to come (including video inspired by Bold's biking video), but I'm tired, I'm hurting (I'll tell that story later) and I have homework. UGH!!

Later my friends.


Cheryl said...

33 miles? Wow, that's awesome! Way to go! You are inspiring me to try riding my bike again. So far this year I've only ridden it up and down my long driveway. :-)

Go Mom Go said...

Great job!

Thank you for your prayers, I know that my friend truly appreciates them.