Saturday, May 17, 2008


Starting Weight: 306.2
This week's Weightloss: 1.2
Total Weightloss: 11.8 pounds total
Current Weight: 294.4

I am on my way!!

Well, today was my one month anniversary or studying at the same Starbucks. I love my Saturday evening crew. Tonight there was someone new that I hadn't met before. Ryanon (pronounced Reeannin. She is named after a Fleetwood Mac song) is a mom of a 5 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. She goes to curves and is working on getting healthy too. She really is a cool person to know and I cannot wait to get to know her better.

Regina is great too. She makes me laugh all the time. Tyler has the coolest Mom Tattoo that I have ever seen. Adam is one of a set of triplets. He is always wondering how I am doing and asks about my homework and remembers that I am watching what I eat and drink, so he tries to advise me on what drinks are more healthy (if you can even say that about Starbucks) and hooks me up and I'm starting to get to know Jeremy too. He also helps me pick out what to drink.

Tonight they were more than generous. They gave me a free drink of the mint chocolate chip frappacino. They gave me the smallest size and I couldn't even drink half if it, it was so sweet. Ryanon said she didn't like it, but I tried it anyway and I didn't like it either, but I will say it sure beats the Green Tea drink that Regina had me try a couple weeks ago. BLAH!! They also gave me some pastries that they were going to throw out. I took them home for the kids and Keith. They will be having scones for breakfast.

If you ever want free food from Starbucks be there on Saturday nights at closing.

Here is a poem that I wrote a long time ago about my favorite Starbucks drink evah!! They do not make it anymore, so I have to have a Raspberry flavored one instead of Blackberry. It is good, but not as good. :-( I miss you BBGT Frap.

BBGT Frap by Melissa Black

I learned about a product at Starbucks the other day.
It's called a Blackberry Green Tea Frappicino they say.

I ordered a Venti not realizing it was bigger than a Grande.
I walked out the door, drink in hand it was early Monday.

I got in my car and headed to work,
took a sip of my drink and my taste buds went berserk.

I couldn't believe this light green creation.
It was the beginning of a taste bud sensation.

I knew this was love at first taste,
so I savored every sip, I didn't drink it in haste.

I knew that something had just begun.
It was a love affair with this flavor upon my tongue.

BBGT Frap is what I nicknamed my new favorite drink.
"When's my next trip to Starbucks?" is now what I think.

I'd go everyday if I could,
but I'm trying to lose weight, so that's no good.

So, once a week is where I'm at, "
I'll see you next week my dear, sweet BBGT Frap."

I think that it is funny that my post is called WW UPDATE and STARBUCKS. I am working hard all week and allowing my treat to be Saturday at Starbucks. It's working for me. :-) I know by the sounds of this post you are all probably wondering if I ever get any work done. I do. Tonight I was there for about 5 1/2 hours and I wrote 6 essays ranging from 2-5 paragraphs each. I also read about 20-30 pages for another assignment.

I'm enjoying my recent weightloss accomplishments and my schooling. I am on a roll and cannot wait so see what's next.

May 25th I am doing a 30 mile bike ride called BIKE THE DRIVE. This will be my third year doing it and I cannot wait.

I decided that I am going to do the Cutting Edge 1/2 Ironman in Effingham, Illinois June of 2011. Go Me!! I'm scared to death, but totally pumped!! I was talking to my bestbud of 23 years about this and she might actually do it with me. We picked this one cause we like the name of the town and it is the only one in Illinois that I can find.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Count your blessings!!


Ladyrunner said...

Congrats on getting out of the 300's!!!

As for finding races in Illinois, have you tried There's more races in Illinois than just the one in Effingham.

Kim said...

There is also a race in Sept called Matoon Man it is also a 1/2 IM. Sounds like Sat at Starbucks is the place to be!

Siren said...

I think you rock for planning your races out that far ahead! It's easy to say "I'll do a half someday" and then let the years slip by - you're setting realistic goals and laying out a plan to make them happen. You're awesome!!

Megan said...

I love that race! It was my first half! YAY!!!!!!!!!

And congrats on the student teaching!