Sunday, July 20, 2008

Major Breakthrough :-)

Well, I wrote about my light bulb moment last week well it worked. I worked really hard watching what I ate and even made it to the gym one day. I did an upper body workout and while there and major breakthrough. I was working out and looking around the gym. It was not the normal YMCA I was at and they had motivational posters around. Each one spoke to me. I cannot remember what they said, but it was what I needed to read. I also remember the day when having a ripped calf muscle and a boot on would have totally given me reason to eat and not be active, but that was not this case this time around. I started to tear up right there in the gym. I also realized that my handicap is only temporary, but if I do not get my act together I could have permanent problems. I do not want permanent problems. As I have walked around on crutches I have seen what so many people have to deal with everyday. People stare and don't even hold the door open. It has been an eye opener and I'm glad I only have to deal with this for a short time. Maybe this ripped calf is just what I needed. Who would have thought? It was a great week and I feel like a new person.

I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and my hard work paid off. I lost 8.2 pounds. That brings my total up to 14.6 pounds.

I'm so excited that I had this breakthrough. Things are looking up for me and only 2 weeks left wearing this boot. :-)

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