Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm back

I'm back and feeling great!! I have basically been out of commission all summer due to a leg injury. My leg was hurting after IMWI because I had been on my feet for about 28 hours between the two days I volunteered and my injured leg was hurting again. My doc has told me that I can work out again, so that is what I did this morning. I went to the gym and took a 60 minute spinning class. It was great and I did a lot better than I thought I would. I have not been to a spinning class in FOREVER!! I wore my Ironman hat that I bought at IMWI and on the inside of the brim I wrote Ironman Wisconsin 2013 as a visual reminder and when it was tough today I just pictured myself out on the bike and it made it better. It was actually fun. Who would have thought that I would have put the words spinning and fun in the same sentence. :-)

Later while my son was at his 1/2 hour voice lesson I went for a walk. That felt great too.

I'm back baby and can't wait to hit the gym again tomorrow. I still struggle with some insecurities at the gym being the biggest one in most of the classes. I really need to work on getting over that and today was a big step in that realm.

November 8th I will be meeting with a Tri coach to set up a plan for my triathlons for the summer of 2009. I cannot wait.

Watch out world here I come!!


Anonymous said...

Stop thinking about yourself and your weight. You were at an ironman competition - at your weight - talked to many people and were inspirational to them. I'm sure they didn't go home and say "that fat lady", they said "remember Melissa and how nice she was, caring, encouraging", etc. You are not your weight. You do not walk around with a number on your chest that tells the world how much you weigh. Your personality is not your weight.

"For I am fearfully and wonderfully made". People will not remember you based on your weight but rather on the value of your integrity, passions, and your reflection of Christ in life.

Mommymeepa said...

To whoever wrote this thank you so much. It brought tears to my eyes and God knows that I needed to hear that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will remember this next time I'm insecure in one of my classes.

M said...

A lady on a mission! I love the idea of writing inside the brim - that's a good way to stay inspired!