Friday, September 19, 2008

This sign says it all.

This is my friend, Chris' (The Clyde) daughter who was holding this sign cheering on her daddy during IMWI. I love this picture so much and it got me thinking, am I made of Iron?

I'm about 115 pounds overweight, can't run my 5k's yet, been having some trouble with my biking lately and will need to take private swimming lessons due to the fact that I cannot put my face in the water yet due to some near drowning accidents. The world would look at me and say there is no way I could ever do an Ironman. I could listen to them and keep going the way I am going or I can prove to them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The thought of an Ironman right now seems overwhelming, but as I ponder the question, am I made of Iron? The answer is yes. As my friend, Michael said recently Ironman is an event where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I can do this, I deserve to do this and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, so Ironman here I come.

I was thinking I want to do a different Ironman because I have been scared by stories of the IMWI bike, but I decided today that I have to do Ironman Wisconsin. This is the year that I first volunteered, met awesome people, learned about the cause I would be racing for, and ultimately decided to do an Ironman, so here is my next big announcement. I WILL BE DOING IRONMAN WISCONSIN IN 2013. Some of you already told me that you will do whatever Ironman I decide to do to be there for me. Well, there you go put it on your calendar now.

Here is my tentative race schedule:

2009- 1-2 sprint tris, 1st Olympic distance
2010- 1 sprint tri, 1 Olympic distance, and a 1/2 Marathon
2011-my first ever 1/2 Ironman in Effingham Illinois. It is a smaller venue. I would also like to do the Nation's Triathlon in DC this year.
2012- Steelhead 1/2 Ironman, Chicago Marathon
2013- Ironman Wisconsin

Oh my gosh, just looking at that is awesome and a little scary, but I know I can do it because I am made of Iron. Chris, can your daughter come and cheer me on in 5 years? Again, I look forward to how God will use my journey to help others. I will and can do this. I have given this all over to the Lord and he will see me through. Melissa Black, you will be an IRONMAN!!!


Team Brazo said...

To me, that is what life is all about -- putting together the plan, doing the work, and then KICKING ASS to get it done. The journey will be as much fun as hearing "You are an IRONMAN".


Siren said...

Instead of driving all the way down to Effingham in 2011, take a look at the Spirit of Racine half. I watched Iron Wil do it last summer, and it's a really nice looking race. I pretty much immediately decided to do it as my first half, especially after Wil told me it was much better supported (and cost a lot less) than Steelhead.