Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby Eliot's life story airing on Oprah

As most of you know I have joined Team TRIsomy and will be doing all my future events in the name of Trisomy 13 and 18 to help raise awareness for these precious children and their heroic families. The parents of these children are told that their children are incompatible with life. If you haven't already go to the link 99balloons under my trisomy links and watch the video. It's a video about Baby Eliot's life. You tell me after that video if he didn't touch your life. He has forever touched mine.

His parents, Matt and Ginny, wrote some exciting news on their blog today. Here is the post. Please set your TIVO and watch this amazing family. I am so excited for this platform for them as they will have a HUGE audience learning about Trisomy and how special these kids really are.

Here is the post:

Believe it or not...

We are attempting to get the word out to our friends since we know they will kill us if we do not tell them. With no further ado:

Oprah is doing a segment on Eliot on the show coming up on Tuesday, October 28 (this date could change, and we'll let you know if it does). The show is on "Miracle children" and Eliot is the only one not still on this earth. Honestly, at first we were hesitant when approached with the whole idea. However, having already taped the show, we feel honored to tell Eliot's story through this platform. The Oprah crew did a great job throughout of simply telling Eliot's story and nothing else. And we are appreciative to them for the opportunity.

So, spread the word if you want, and tune in as the Lord continues to take a little boy and make Himself known.

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Nimkee's Mum said...

I have seen that video many times, and each time it touched me deeply...I was moved to tears!!!

Prenatally I was told that Bennett-Chadlen may have Tri 18. I did some research while waiting for my amnio results. As you know, he had Tri 13 instead....but these little ones still touch my heart no matter how many chromosomes they have!

Thank you once again for doing this for our children!

Much love and gratitude,
Melissa-^Angel^Bennett-Chadlen's proud mum