Friday, October 17, 2008

Bfit Bday Challenge Update

I made it to the gym today. No mind games, no excuses, and boy did it feel great. I swam another 1000 yards. It was still hard, but nowhere are hard as the other day. I was doing the back stroke and was so in the zone and visualizing myself thinner, and swimming in an Ironman that I hit my head on the wall and that was only after 50 yards. LOL I still did a lot of visualization, but kept track of the wall. I also biked for 6 miles. GO ME!! OH YEAH I absolutely love my new goggles. LOVE THEM!! THey so help with my claustrophobia in the water. YEAH!!

My goggles have clear lenses, but these are what they are like and I have I mentioned that I LOVE THEM!!

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words after yesterday's post. They really helped.

Bfit Bday Challenge:
Swim: 2000 yards (only 1000 to go)
Bike: 15 miles (only 20 to go)
Run: 2 miles (only 3 to go)

I'm trying to finish it by Monday. YEAH ME!!! Such a better day.

Keep on keepin' on!!


MadisonDuo said...

You can do it!

Push yourself til it hurts - only the 'good hurt' :)

Stay positive, don't let those silly lil thoughts take over your mind and you'll reach your goal.

:) Thinking of you!

Darcar4cen said...

Did you ever finish your bday bfit challenge? If not, you should be proud of what you did do.