Saturday, October 18, 2008

Worked out and did homework at the same time

Before leaving to take my son to his theater practice I looked up a YMCA by his rehearsal. I was excited to find out that there was one near by. I dropped him off and headed to the gym. I got there hopped on a bike and rode for 10 miles and read about 8 chapters in THE ADVENTURE OF HUCK FINN. It was great to get homework done and a workout. I've never read this book before and it is a really fun read. Only about 200 more pages by Monday, so I can write my paper on it.

The YMCA I went to today was super tiny and dead. My normal YMCA is mobbed on Saturdays and all up to date on the machines. I had to ride a bike with a wobbly seat, but I did it and it made me all the more grateful for the YMCA that I normally go to and appreciate the new machines and the seats that don't wobble.

Bfit Bday Challenge Update

Swim: 2000 yards (only 1000 to go)
Bike: 25 miles (only 10 to go)
Run: 2 Miles (only 3 to go)

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