Friday, October 31, 2008

Indiana Jones meets Sushi Boy

Indiana Jones meets Sushi Boy. Watch out Indy, Sushi Boy has chopsticks and he knows how to use them.

This is my friend Darlene with a bunch of cereal boxes on here. She was a ceral killer. HAHAHA.

Me and Dar. I was having a little trouble with my nose.

Indiana Jones.

Sushi Boy.

Me and Cindy. What's up with those teeth?

Sushi Boy dropped something and had a little trouble picking it up. Did I help him? No, I had to get a picture for my blog of course.

Sushi Boy and the headless horseman aka Jack.

Parker ran into some people that were more than happy to eat him. RUN SUSHI BOY RUN!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. As you can tell we had a blast. Write more soon.


Go Mom Go said...

What cute costumes!

My kids go for the dead and vampire type of costumes. I wonder why? Hmmm...

Have a great week!

M said...

LOVE IT!!!!!