Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Floor Exercises

For so many years I have told people I cannot do anything on the floor as far as working out goes because I have a bad back. I even told Matt that the first day we met. At our last meeting he said, "Ok, come over here on the floor." I almost said something, but I didn't. I made myself a deal that no matter what he asked me to do I would try it. So, I sat on the floor put my legs up and held my arms up. I was like a big V. I did it. He had me hold it for 10 seconds. Then we did some other stuff and came back and did it again. I surprised myself and even Matt said at one point, "I wasn't sure you'd be able to hold it that long." I was really proud of myself. It was hard, but I did it. :-)

Today I went to the gym and when I came downstairs from the locker room to head to the workout room I heard fun music, an enthusiastic teacher, and people having fun. I went into the basketball courts and there was the biggest aerobics class I had ever seen. It was fun. I usually don't join in classes, but I just felt like it today. After the aerobics part of the class was over she told us to get our mats and our weights for our floor work. I told the lady next to me I wasn't sure I could do it because of my back, but then I pictured the exercises I had done that I had never thought I'd be able to do, so I went and got a mat and was determined to try everything she asked me too. I did it and I can officially say I do not like the plank, but I did it anyway. My back is not even hurting tonight. My abs are, my obliques are, my legs are, my arms are, but not my back. Wow, I'm so excited. The only time my lower back hurt was when I was in the plank position for the 3rd and 4th time. I was not able to hold them then as long as she would like. I really liked the class and will be going back for more. I keep surprising myself everyday. After the class I went to the big boys side of the gym. You know where the free weights are. I have always been way too self conscience. I had fun. Hmmm, I had fun. Wow, there I go again surprising myself. I actually had fun working out.

About my post yesterday about freakin' out about changing thanks for the support. Keep it coming. There will be change, it will be good change, and I will embrace the change. I will BE ONE WITH THE CHANGE. I'm really excited about what's next.

I just hope I can move tomorrow to get out of bed, so I can get to the gym tomorrow for some cardio.


Team Brazo said...

Excellent -- I think that is the attitude that you need. I just refuse to have anything (age, knees, shoulder, fear, etc) on my body or my mind stop me from anything in my way -- no matter what!!

M said...

Keep practicing hte plank - its is AMAZing for the core, and even if you hate it, your body will love it.

I am glad Matt challenged you - it's amazing what happens when all of our "I can't" statement gets challenged into becoming "I can" statements.

Our biggest hurdles will always be ourselves. Keep knocking yours down.