Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Old Me vs. The New Me

This is the first Wednesday that my son, Parker, has had to catch the early bus to go to band. We have to walk 6 houses down to the bus stop. I put on my tennis shoes, warm jacket, (It's freezing here) and headed down to the bus stop. The bus came and got him and I started walking home and here is the conversation I had with myself.

New Me: I should really go for a walk since I'm out here anyway.

Old Me: Naaaw, it's too cold out here and you haven't even eaten breakfast.

New Me: Good point, but I already have my sweats, sweatshirt, shoes, and jacket on.

Old Me: Yeah, but you could be in the house warming up. You know you haven't been feeling well. See you just sniffed and coughed.

New Me: I know, but I meet with my coach tomorrow and I already have to tell him I didn't work out on Tuesday, so I really should just go for a walk.

Old Me: I didn't tell you not to work out today, just not to go for a walk right now. It's only 7:30am. You have all day to work out.

New Me: Would you shut up already. I'm going for a walk. I'm getting my hat, a water bottle, and my IPOD.

Old Me: Oh so, you're going in the house to get that stuff I can still talk you out of that walk.

New Me: I am going for this walk and I will walk for an hour or 2 miles whatever comes first. Here I go!!!

Old Me: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

I did it. It was super cold out, but I walked an hour and in that hour I walked a little over 2 miles. I was very proud of myself.
GO ME!! I meet with my coach again tomorrow. YEAH ME!!!!


Jordan said...

Like I always say, the hardest step is the first one out the door! Way to put old you in her place. Kind of like how I convinced "injured jordan" to shut up and went on a 9-mile run yesterday, finding out that my hamstring issue isn't that bad. I ran the whole thing at 8:20 per mile with a warmup and cooldown in there. Keep it up!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job New You!