Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Giving something everyday-Living Advent Calendar

My friend Commodore had a great post about giving something of yourself everyday leading up to Christmas and I am going to start that today. It's like a living advent calendar.

Here are some ideas I have:

-bringing in my neighbors trashcans on a cold day
-when I study at Starbucks buy one person in the drive thru their coffee.
-Snow blow or shovel (depending on the amount of snow) the neighbors driveway before he gets up for work (single dad)
-Send some random notes snail mail to people and I'm not just talking about Christmas Cards
-Find some people that don't have anywhere to go for the holidays and invite them over for Christmas Eve
-Leave notes for my hubby and kids
-Like commodore said make eye contact with a stranger, shake a hand a little more firmly, or really tell someone that they did a good job, but tell them why.
-make an effort to meet someone new at church, maybe not sit in the same seat week after week.
-work at a food pantry
-Send 7 kids that I know in one family some little gifts to make their Christmas even brighter
-hold the door for someone while I'm out shopping
-Smile while working out at the gym
-Offer someone to go in front of me in line at a store.
-Let that car go in front of me even if it means losing the closer parking spot.
-finding a culture that is different than mine and learning one of their traditions
-encouraging others while I am working out.

These are just some ideas that popped in my head right away. If you do this please leave a comment and let me know what you did. I would love to know.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I plan on doing some of those today :)

Thanks for sharing.