Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Living Advent Calendar

Tuesday- December 2- smiled at and encouraged an older woman on a recumbent bike next to me at the gym. She seemed to appreciate it.

Wednesday-December 3- Took the time in the snow to talk to my neighbor to see how he is doing. He is having a hard time and it was good to catch up and see how he and his boys were doing. My toes were numb when I went back in.

Also, in the snow, took the time to see if a family needed my help who was having problems with a car door in the school parking lot. The dad didn't want my help, but I sat in my car awhile with my headlights on their door so they could see better.

I'm not reporting these to you to get a pat on the back just letting you know, so I can encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone, take a few extra minutes in your busy day, smile and make eye contact with a stranger. It will make your day go better.

Only 22 days till Christmas. What can you do to better the life of others this Christmas Season.

I celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of my Lord and Savior. While he walked on earth he showed compassion, love, and care for everyone and continues to do so. I hope that I can be Jesus to someone that needs it this Christmas season and beyond.

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stronger said...

This isn't a pat on the back...just a hug. Great idea. Just think if everyone aspired to do one good thing each day- how many bad attitudes would fade away?