Thursday, January 15, 2009

NO SCHOOL-It's a cold day

Well, I was very excited to get to my second day of student teaching and school is cancelled. I just checked and it says that it is -13 and it feels like -33. Oh man that's cold. The bummer is that my daughter goes to a private school and even though the schools in that district are closed she still has to go to. My son doesn't have to go, so she was kinda bummed. Oh well, he'll just have more days added on at the end of the year. The bummer is I will have to go out in the cold and pick her up later. I just got a chill thinking about it. Brrrrr!!


PS. Commodore, I thought of you when I saw the above cartoon. :-) Also, I am sure people in Minnesota or other places probably feel that Chicagoans don't know what cold is, so I know it's all relative, but got a good chuckle out of this one.


Go Mom Go said...

We are on a 2 hr delay this morning.

So, WAY off schedule. Right now -5 with a -21 wind chill.

When you get a chance check out Beth's blog. She posted the link to the pictures from the hour with Jeremy.


Melissa said...

I read the website wrong and Parker did have school. I'm glad I didn't tell him he didn't have school and then tell him he had to go. That would have been a bummer for a kid. Stay warm tomorrow. My school where I"m student teaching might be closed again.

TeriLynn said...

Stay warm Melissa! We are closed here for a 2nd day !