Monday, February 09, 2009

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth!!

I am still here. I am busy. I have no time to really read blogs or to blog myself. Here are my updates:

I am student teaching in a third grade class. I LOOOOVE IT!!! The kids are great and we are finally getting used to each other. I am now doing spelling and science and will soon be teaching more. My teacher is great. She has been teaching for 15 years and has lots of advice. She has taught the same grade for all those years too, so she really knows the ins and outs of third graders and that is the grade I hope to teach.

Most embaraassing moment so far from student teaching:
I fell. We were walking to an assembly. I turned around to tell kids to be quiet and to tell the teacher something and was walking backwards a few steps and some little dear left their boots in the middle of the hallway and I went right over them flat on my back. It was not pretty. I was sore that day, iced a lot, but was fine the next day. I was even able to go to personal training with Matt.

Speaking of Matt. I have not been able to train in about a month because of being sick and then starting student teaching. I let him know about my fall, so we kinda tested the waters first, but I was fine. He worked me out hard. The one huge accomplishment I had was jogging 2 minutes without stopping. He told me to hop on the treadmill walk for 30 seconds, jog for 2, and then walk for 30. I thought I heard him wrong, so I asked him again. I heard him right. I said ok, verbally, but was doubting myself, but then told myself not to be a JOELLE (biggest loser reference. She was a contestant that could not run for 30 seconds when told to do so. She made her trainer scream and he never screams.) I was able to do it and didn't die. I almost cried I was so proud of myself. We had a great workout even though I thought I might die afterwards and today I can hardly move. :-) Thanks Matt.

Last but not least Weight Watchers.

January 24th- I did not go
January 31- gained 3 pounds
February 7- lost 3 pounds
Current weight 280
Total lost 26.0

I'm glad to be back where I was, so no major setbacks.

I'm looking forward to a new week. A new week and eating right, working out, teaching, and loving life.
Have a blessed week.

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MadisonDuo said...

Good to hear from you! I was getting worried.

Glad you didn't hurt yourself or pull anything tripping over those boots. Those kids :)

Great job with all that you have accomplished this last month i.e., student teaching is HUGE, maintaining / losing weight, running for the 2 minute intervals. So proud of you...

Mommymeepa said...

Thanks Madison Duo. I always appreciate the positive feedback from you. I cannot wait to have you at my IM cheering me on in 2013 or sooner if my trainer has his way with me. LOL Thanks again.

Chip and Dani Brown said...

Keep up the good work! You can do it!!

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Daniele Brown

PS- THE MOTHER LETTERS PROJECT is in NO WAY associated with this request other than the fact that I found your blog there!!