Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weight Watchers Update!!

Well another week and another weigh-in. How did I do you might ask? I ROCKED IT!!!!!
I lost another 2.6 pounds. Wahooooo! I am now 277.4 with my grand total of weight loss being 29.2 Now don't get me wrong I was very happy with the weight loss, but so bummed I didn't lose enough to hit 30 pounds loss. One of the first goals that you set in weight watchers is to lose 10% of your weight and 30 pounds is my 10% goal, so I mentioned in my meeting that I was so close to losing it, so they all said they would be ready to cheer for me next week. That is giving me so much motivation this week. I want to be at 275 after this week is over.


I lost this 2.6 pounds during my time of the month. So many times woman use that as an excuse to overeat. I know that I used to and would gain weight that week or stay the same. This is the first time that I lost, so now when I hear women say that they gained weight due to their period I know it's possible to lose weight even during that time.


Here is something else that I'm dealing with today. On the treadmill Friday I decided to listen to music and I did not turn on the TV. Each treadmill has it's own TV. Sometimes I will put it on even when listening to music just so I have something to look at, but I didn't do that Friday and as I was walking and jogging I was looking the reflection of my face. It hit me then and there that I was thinner. I have not been able to see it until Friday. I am thinner. I noticed it when I put on an outfit to go out yesterday. I'm very excited that I can tell now, but here is the thing I am dealing with now in regards to this. We went out to a nice restaurant for dinner with the kids and we took pictures. I don't even look the same in them. I feel like I was looking at someone else in them. I can tell it's me, but there are some where my right cheek is very wrinkly (Wrinkles I have never had before). I really don't like some of the pictures of me. I couldn't put my finger on why these pictures were bothering me and then I realized that it's because I'm losing weight. I look different because I'm losing weight.

It got me to thinking. . . am I going to like the "new" me? When I lose all my weight are people going to treat me differently now that I'm not fat? Do I want to be treated differently? Will I be able to accept the new me if I have loose skin everywhere? Why am I so comfortable being fat and scared to death of being thin? I'm actually scared about what my life will be like when I'm thin. I know all the benefits. I know I will be happy. I know that I will be able to do the Ironman that I want to do. I know that this is what I want, but this weekend it hit me that I'm scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared of becoming someone different. I know that I will be the same person, but I will change in some aspects because when I become thin I will be doing things I have never done, so I will be changed. I will be a little different. I know if you have never struggled with weight you might not understand this concept, but for those of you who have I know you get it. It's hard. I'm excited as all get out about the changes, but scared. It's a weird place to be at right now.

I would love to have any input, advice, and encouragement you could send my way. Thanks.

At the gym on Friday. I jogged intervals. I would jog (more like slog=slow jog) 2 minutes and walk 5 until I reached 45 minutes. That means that I jogged a total of 14 minutes. That is the most I have ever ran. It felt good. I felt like I was going to die at some points, but I felt good. I'm hoping to nail those 5k's this spring and summer.

I had some stressful news this week. Several different situations many days in a row. I was ready to stop answering the phone it was so much, but what has made me realize how much I have changed and how far I have come is that I did not eat junk when I was stressed. I was really upset one night and decided I didn't care and was going to go get McDonalds and pig out. I was at a light. McDonalds was to my left, Subway to my right. I went to Subway. That was Wednesday night this past week and boy did I feel great. I knew right then and there that I have made it. I did not emotional eat all week. That is a huge victory right there.

Life if good. I've got great momentum and I'm not stopping anytime soon. Those of you trying to lose weight ask yourself one question before you make an unhealthy decision. Is it worth it? That is my mantra now and the answer is always no. It's not. It is true what they say if you eat less and move more and get your fruits, veggies, and water in everyday you will lose weight. You can do it. I've got the momentum to keep going and know that you can too.

My weight watcher leader told me once TO BELIEVE IN MY ABILITIES, NEVER QUIT, and I WILL SUCCEED. Guess what? He was right. I don't tell myself that I can't do something. I have the ability to do whatever I want and I'm living proof of that.

Have a great Sunday!!

Be good to yourself and each other.


Rob said...

Way to go on the weight loss. All that you do is quit an accomplishment. The only thing that scares me about being thin is what my attitude will be like to those who are over weight. I am afraid i will become judgmental or more critical towards them, because if I can do why can't they. God I hope I am not like that. I want to be 100% supportive of all people, no matter what. So that's my fear. hope I don't come across as shallow or mean. I am just being honest.
Hope you continue to progress as strong as you are and keep up the awesome job .

Cheryl A. said...

I am so proud of your hard work! When I started my weight loss journey, I really thought of it as a spiritual discipline...taking care of this body that God created and now dwells within. That made my exercise and eating habits a lifestyle change rather than a means of reaching a temporary goal. Now it is just a part of who I am. I will have to say that I like the new me so much better, not just for being smaller but for being more energetic and more fit. (I can now bend over the little student desks without getting a backache by the end of the day.)I was telling Mike over dinner last night that I am now more confident meeting new people and talking with adults...and it was certainly fun to rebuild my wardrobe (thanks to Goodwill and a few other nearby thrift shops).

My favorite exercise videos reinforce this. Leslie Sansone professes to be Christian, and in her walk-at-home videos she is always encouraging us to take care of our bodies because in doing so we are taking care of God's temple and can use it for his service and glory. Speaking of is now time to go off and exercise before dinner and small group.

Siren said...

I share a lot of the same concerns, especially about loose skin after losing all the weight. A good friend of mine had the surgery and lost 160 pounds, and had so much loose skin she wore special spandex things under her clothes to keep it in check until she could have the surgeries done. (She looks amazing now.) Wonderful Husband has already agreed that if I manage to lose it all he will do everything in his power to help figure out how to pay for the skin removal surgeries.

The good news does seem to be that if we lose it slowly (like you and I are), the skin has a lot more time to rebound and it's not even close to as loose as someone who loses it really fast from bariatric surgery (like my friend). So, it may take us longer but we'll be comparatively firmer than if we'd gone about it differently.