Sunday, March 22, 2009

My own Triathlon-run,swim, and bike

Today was amazing. This morning I decided to go for a walk/run. I went to map my run and figured out a route. I walked/ran approx. 1.32 miles in 24 minutes. I felt good, but made the observation that it is a lot different for me to run on a treadmill and outside. On the treadmill I can put my treadmill on a certain speed that I know I can maintain and I can push through it. I never slow down. I don't have to run on an incline, so there are no hills. Outside today I think I was slowing down and speeding up way more than I do on the treadmill and I feel like I was slower because I hit some little hills, but I was very happy with how it went and cannot wait to do it again.

We went out to eat as a family and then I went to the gym with Parker. We went in the pool. We played together for a little bit and then I swam laps. I swam about a third of a mile and then played with Parker again. Playing with Parker was also a good workout. He was riding on my back while I was swimming.

I got home and the family was doing their own thing. The boys were watching the NCAA tournament and Tricia was taking a nap, so I decided it was time to go for a bike ride. I figured I had swam, ran, and needed to bike to round out the day. I headed out and boy was it cold. I couldn't feel my finger tips after about 5 minutes. I rode through the neighborhood and ended up at a beach and decided to sit and reflect on where I have been in my life, where I am now, and where I want to go.

I was looking at the still lake, watching some ducks, and my mind turned to Ironman. I want it so bad. I want to be an Ironman. I know that I can be an Ironman. In the last couple of weeks I have given into the negative thoughts in my mind telling me that I cannot do what I dream of doing. I can do it. Right there by the lake, bike by my side, looking out at the lake I had a breakthrough. I will be an Ironman.

I rededicated my journey to God. I told Him how badly I want this, but that I cannot do it without Him. I was watching the sun begin to set, listening to birds, ducks, and nature realizing how awesome this all is. How awesome God is in all that he has created. He also created my amazing body, which I am on a journey to make whole again, so that I can be an IRONMAN. I thanked Him for all these things and asked Him to help me complete this journey that we all call IROMAN. I know that with His help I will be able to do this. I can try this on my own, but that has never worked. I can rely on my personal coach or my weight watcher leader, but ultimately it will be God that will help me succeed. I am refocused and excited to start a new week. I'm excited to continue on my journey and see how God is going to use all of this for His glory.

As far as my eating is going it is going well. I have reclaimed a Bible verse that helped me in the past. This will be my theme verse again for my eating.

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. Psalm 34:8

I need to be taking refuge in the Lord instead of taking refuge in food. I need to see that it is the Lord that is good in my life not that short satisfaction that comes with eating some junk food. After that small satisfaction comes the guilt and all the negative thoughts that take me further and further from God, so I need to focus on Him in those hard times, focus on how good he is, take refuge in Him, and He will see me through those times way better than any food will ever do. With this new focus I know that I am going to do well.


Anonymous said...

Great post and I need to take refruge in God much much more too. I really need that for myself. Keep up the great work.

Sara said...

Love this post, especially this quote "I need to be taking refuge in the Lord instead of taking refuge in food."

thanks for the reminder. I love your motivation and believe that you will be an ironman (woman?) someday!