Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weight Watchers Update

I have had a rough few weeks at weight watchers. I have gained the last three weigh ins. I am not letting it get me down and i know what I have to do to get going again and I am doing it. I have joined a website called It has a lot of great stuff to help me on my weight loss journey. Check it out. Someone sent me the following when I was having a particularly hard day. It put things into perspective. Hope it helps you too on your journey. Someone wrote this on their one year anniversary of being on

10 Things I Have Learned On My One-Year Anniversary

Today is my anniversary and I have learned the following during my one year on SparkPeople:

1. Losing weight is hard!
2. Being fat is harder!
3. I rather be fit and healthy than fat and unhappy.
4. Giving up is not a good option.
5. Set backs are inevitable.
6. Overcoming setbacks can make your stronger (if it doesn't kill you- just kidding.)
7. Stay in the game long enough and eventually you will hit a plateau.
8. Pushing harder doesn't always yield the best results.
9. Listen to your body and take a break when you need to.
10. Reach out to at least one person everyday on SparkPeople. (Friends or strangers, it doesn't matter.) It helps and keeps me accountable.

I have been very frustrated because I am in pain constantly and it has been for a couple weeks now. I have pain in my left heel, right knee, and right hip muscles. I am praying a lot and the Lord is really helping me through this challenging time. I am following #9 above a lot lately. I am walking instead of running, I am working out in the pool more, and if I don't get to run my 5k at the end of my triathlon in June I am ok with that. I have a bike ride tomorrow. I usually do 30 miles. I don't know what I'll be able to do, but I'm going to try and do at least 15 miles and if I don't I'm ok with that. The Lord and I have really had some great heart to hearts this week and I'm really feeling on top of the world right now. In the past I would have wanted to quit, but not this time. I usually would have avoided weight watchers and I haven't. I would have quit and gained back even more weight than I have. I would have given up. Not this time. I have a great group of friends from weight watchers. They took me and another member out to celebrate our graduations today and they have been so encouraging. They are all life time members and remember being where I am right now and they are great. I want to thank them all for sticking with me through all the celebrations and all the downs. You are all the best and I couldn't do it without you.

Here's to a new week and to a Healthier me.

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fitncrafty said...

Thanks for a great reminder of dedication! You are so right....
hang in there and don't let anything get you down..
heatlhy and fit... beats fat and tired anyday of the week!!!