Saturday, June 27, 2009


Compliments are very hard for me to accept.

I want to lose 130 pounds, so when people tell me I look great I say, "Thanks, but I have so much more to lose."

I have gained wait over the last 4 weeks, so when someone at church last Sunday said, "Wow, I see your still shrinking," I said, "Thanks," but was dying inside.

Today I met some Weight Watchers friends for breakfast after our meeting. I was wearing jeans, a top that fits, and my hair was down. Everyone said how great I looked and my response was, "Thanks, but I've gained the last four Saturdays."

Why is it so hard for me to accept a compliment? Why do I have to put myself down?
I have worked hard. I do look good and yes, I do have a ways to go, but man, I've lost a lot already even with my 4 week struggle, so I deserve the compliments. Next time someone says I look good, I will smile, flip my hair, and say, "THANKS. I DO LOOK GOOD, DON'T I?"


Tri-Angle said...

Damn Straight Sista!

It's the Journey, and the battles, that will win this war.
You're doing great!


Siren said...

I do the exact same thing!! It makes me uncomfortable to get a compliment when I know my success is still only partial.

But ya know what - we DO look good!