Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weight Watcher Update

I woke up this morning and weighed myself. It's my same ritual every Saturday morning. I do it just to see what to expect at Weight Watchers. I actually knew on Friday that I had gained. I can just tell. Well, the scale confirmed it for me. I was frustrated. I had done a triathlon. Had some great workouts this week and really ate well. I could not figure out what happened.

I did not want to go to Weight Watchers, but knew I had to. I usually meet my friends from WW at 7am to walk. I was so frustrated about the gain that I didn't want to walk with anyone. I left a little bit late, texted my friend Dave and told him I was coming, but in a mood, and needed to walk alone. I prayed on my way there, listened to motivating music, and walked/jogged by myself with just me and my IPOD. I actually jogged most of the route and met up with my walker friends and by then felt great.

It didn't matter that I had gained this past week. I was out jogging. I was at my Weight Watchers meeting with friends instead of avoiding it like I would have in the past. I had done a triathlon the Sunday before. I went to the meeting, talked about my triathlon, showed off my finishers medal and encouraged my whole meeting to not put so much stake in the scale. I told them that I was mad coming to my meeting this morning. I told them that I almost let 3 pounds take away from all the great accomplishments I had this week. This is a reminder to myself, but to all of you out there as well. When you have a bad week with your eating and exercising please make sure you don't let it get you down. If you focus too much on the number you will let that side rail you. In the past I would have come home and said, "Screw it. I'm eating whatever I want today. What's the point?" I didn't do that today. I went to the gym and got in a great workout and then came home and ate a healthy lunch. I'm very proud of my responses today and feel like I have really turned a corner.

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Siren said...

I gained 5 pounds after the race!!
I think such a big effort plus all the hydration must put some kind of a shock into our system.

I stuck with my plan pretty well the rest of the week and the 4 I gained back came right off, which really does make me think it's about retaining the fluids. Hopefully it works out as well for you!