Friday, June 05, 2009

I'm Frustrated

Tomorrow I go to Weight Watchers.
I am frustrated by my week.
I didn't work out like I should.
I didn't eat like I should.

I want to change.
I have changed, but some habits are hard to break.
Maybe I don't want it badly enough yet.
Maybe I still feel like I don't deserve it.
Maybe I'm letting that stupid voice in my head get to me.

I'm tired of this.
I want to be healthy.
I want to be thin.
I want to be an IRONMAN.

I don't want to gain my weight back, so
I need to snap out of it.
I am frustrated.
Old habits die hard and I am sick of it.

Tomorrow I go to weight watchers.
It's a new day.
It's just a number on the scale.
I have a whole new week ahead of me.

I want to change.
I will change.
I do want it bad enough.
I do deserve this.
I'm telling that stupid voice in my head to SHUT UP!!

I will do this.
I will be healthy.
I will be thin.

I will not gain my weight back.
I will snap out of this.
I will not be frustrated.
I will break my old habits.
They will not rule me.


fitncrafty said...

I can so relate to this... You are doing great and don't let anyone (even you own voice) tell you any differently!
This journey is hard and you are doing it and on it...
Oh.. loved the photos of your bike ride on FB they are great!!
Have a great day!

me said...

You CAN do this!! You've been doing so great before -- don't let a slip up ruin it all for you. Today is a new day!!

It's great that you know what it is that you want. Now, the question is why? Dig a little deeper with yourself. Ask yourself what it is you really want and why. Do that a few times.

Then when you get to the root of why you want what you want, ask yourself what YOU are going to do to get it. (I emphasis you, because it has to be something that you change. It can't be something you want others to change to help you. It MUST come from within.) Then do that thing.

It's important to know why. That's what keeps us going when it gets hard or when we mess up.

Don't let anyone or anything stop you. It's what you want and you deserve it!!

me said...

It's me again. Just wanted to explain more about asking yourself why a few times like I mentioned above.

Taking things from your post above I'll give you examples of questions to ask yourself. (Note: When answering, your answers will likely be very personal and possible very emotional.)

You said, "I want to change." Why?

"I'm tired of this." Why?

"I don't want to gain my weight back, so I need to snap out of it." Why?

"I want to change." Why?

Then when you answer why, ask yourself why again.

For example, "I'm tired of this." Why? Because (I'm making this up for example purposes) I'm tired of messing up. Why? Because failure sucks. Why? Because I deserve better than this. Why? Because I'm a worthy human being. Why?

Eventually, you'll get to the root of why and like I said before, that will help you to stay on track.

Alili said...

You will succeed.