Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weight Watchers Update and the gym

I had three weeks where I gained 8 of my 45 pounds back. I can list a bunch of excuses why, but I won't. The bottom line is I screwed up, lost focus, and saw the consequences of my bad choices. I have lived too many years making excuses. This time I'm not going to. I decided I had made enough bad choices and did not want to see anymore weight gain, so I got refocused, made GREAT decisions and this week I lost 6.2 pounds. I am very happy with that and know that I will easily lose the other 1.8 this week if not more. It feels good to be back.

I have also learned a lot from this little detour. I learned how quickly we can gain the weight back. I learned that even when I am detoured I am still making smarter decisions than I would have in the past. In the past I would have skipped Weight Watchers while on my little detour. This time I didn't skip one weigh in. I knew I would have gains, but I went and faced the music. Once I got back on track I realized how much better I feel when I'm doing making the healthy decisions and I never want to feel like I did during my detour. This is real life. I will have my ups and my downs. Each time I have a down I am seeing it last shorter and shorter. That is all I ask of myself. We don't call it a journey for nothing. If you are struggling and on a detour right now, look at the map, and get back on track. You can do it. I did and feel so great.

Another exciting thing in my life is that I joined another contest at the gym. The last contest was called Biggest Winner and we were in teams of 5 and competed to see which team could lose the most percentage of weight loss. My team won. We beat 4 other teams. We each won 2 free personal training sessions. Well, they are having a new contest. It is BIGGEST WINNER Couples. I joined with my friend John. We met at the Bueller YMCA about a month ago, worked out next to each other, got talking about Triathlons (oh Yeah!!) and the rest is history. We are partners for a 10 week contest and we are in the zone. We already weighed in and measured and the next weigh in is not until next weekend and I already lost 6.2 since being weighed in. I will not only keep you posted on my weight watchers experience, but will also keep you up to date on our team journey.

John, are you ready to rumble? We are going to kick some BOO-TAY!!!!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!
Remember (to steal a phrase from my good friend COMM) there is treasure everywhere!!


run4change said...

meepa, I am so glad that you got back on track. All the things that you talked about are sooooo true. thanks for writing this post as I particularly needed it today.

Duane said...

Good for you!