Monday, May 25, 2009


My friend, Darlene and I did BIKE THE DRIVE. This is an annual event in Chicago where they close Lake Shore Drive for 5 hours and open it to bikes. The total route is 30 miles. We did 15 this year. The south loop of the route ends at The Museum of Science and Industry. Every year I take my bike up the stairs and raise it in the air like I'm in Rocky. This year Dar and I both posed that way and a Chicago Tribune photographer took our pic. We didn't realize she was taking a picture until she came up to us and asked us our names. My friend Megan found it for me and sent it to me. Here it is:

Bike lift
(Tribune photo by Nancy Stone / May 24, 2009)
Melissa Black (left) and Darlene Seeman hoist their bikes on the steps of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry Sunday morning. The two participated in the "Bike The Drive" event on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive Sunday.


Anonymous said...

mom i like your photo.Its funny.

Anonymous said...

I love this photo of you guys. It's so wonderful, and it's a great picture of you both. Boy, your friend Darlene is funny but did she realize that her fanny pack was up front?

Siren said...

That's such a great photo!! I totally thought of you that day, wished I was remotely in a place to join you for the bike.

No idea how I'm going to manage the race in less than 2 weeks. Guess I'll just do what I can and try to have fun.