Monday, July 13, 2009

Where is this journey taking me?

I am so excited because I am doing a great job on weight watchers this week. I know it's only been since Saturday, but I have tracked everything and that's with even having a BBQ yesterday. Everybody brought food to share and there was a ton of stuff, but all I had was 2 turkey burgers on a special bun, spinach salad, water, veggies, licorice, 2 chocolate chips. I get 36 points in a day and that all came to 22 points. This is the first time at a get together like this that I wasn't concentrating on the food. It was just there as a side to the fun and conversation that I was able to have. Something that is cool is that I brought individual sized bags of chips, and individual sized bags of veggie chips. There were no veggie chips left at the end of the party and there were regular chips left.

I'm really excited to see how my hard work will pay off on the scale next week. I'm really in a whole new mindset with this. I have a weight loss goal that I want to reach by the end of December. If I really get back in the grove I will make it. I'm excited to think about my goal. I'm excited to picture myself 100 pounds lighter. I'm excited to picture myself able to do things I haven't done in years. I'm excited to picture myself crossing the Ironman finish line. I"m excited to have my kids with me on this journey, so they can see me become healthy. I'm excited about what awaits. Anything I want I can have and right now, with God's help, I can lose this weight and begin the next journey in my life.

I'm just wondering what that next journey will be. I was talking to my weight watcher leader today. He has said several times, in our meetings in front of EVERYONE, that I would make a great weight watchers leader someday. He says that what I share inspires others. Recently I was thinking about that and started praying about whether or not that is the route for me. Overweight kids and teens kept popping in my head. I can see myself using my journey to help others. I want to educate parents on how to have a healthy home. I want to encourage obese teens and help them become fit. Whether it is through a camp setting, or some other way I can see my journey helping not only adults, but mainly teens, families, and kids. I'm excited to see myself reach my goals, but also excited to see how I will be able to give back and help others reach their own goals.

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rebecca hallin said...

I know that in my future I want to help other ladies learn to run. My journey that last few years has changed me physically but mover over it reall changed me mentally more than I ever expected. I never planned to become a runner I just wanted to loose a few more extra pounds LOL. I feel after doing my marathon in May it has made more even more stronger and I can do anything I set my mind too LOL. So crazy me has another marathon out here in Denver oct 18 the Denver marathon. Hang in there you are doing great job! It is a great journey that many of us are on!