Monday, July 27, 2009

WW and College Update

IT's official!!! I am a college graduate. On Friday I took my last test of my last class. I got a B in the class. The last class was an online Statistics class. Math doesn't come easily for me, so this was a BIG challenge to say the least. I am so proud of myself. I never thought this day would come. It was so freeing. A HUGE weight was lifted from my back. I cried. I will be writing a separate blog post with pics that shares the emotions that I have gone through becoming a college graduate.

On the Weight Watchers front. I stayed the same this week. I was actually very happy with that as I was studying all week, and driving parker from a theater camp in Chicago to rehearsals in Schaumburg Wed-Friday. I was in the car a lot and eating the best I could. I really just did not want a gain, so when they told me my weight was the same as my previous weigh in I was very happy.

Here's to a new week. Here's to being a college graduate and Here's to a healthier me!!

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TeriLynn said...

Way to go Melissa! Awesome that school is over for now! Way to go at the gym and WW too! You are doing an awesome job!
I started my program1 week ago and I had my 2nd weigh in and lost 8.4 lbs in a week! WOOOT WOOT Me!!!
I will write more later!