Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exciting thing happened at the gym

I am so excited because today at the gym two people, count 'em, that's right two people said they had to make sure it was me before they said hi because I looked so different. They could tell I had lost weight and they said I look completely different in my face. Check out this picture of me and Darlene. I have posted it before, but want to show you again. Wow, we have both come so far and will never go back. It was a very exciting day for me and my eating has been going well too. Eeeeeeeeep!!!!!


Maddie said...

Just keep the momentum (haha, look at me, I'm SUCH an employee!) going, Melissa! You can totally do it! Congrats again.

StrugglingAthena said...

Great job!

Dar said...

Oh my stars. You need to warn me next time you put a fat picture of me online. Holy cow, and I mean cow...was I really that big? UGH.