Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoy your workout!!

Here is a conversation I had recently with someone.

Them: Hey enjoy your workout. Actually that's impossible. Never mind.

Me: I actually do enjoy them.

Them: Really I didn't think it was possilbe.

Me: It is.

After walking away, heading to the gym, I was really happy with this conversation. I realized just how far I'd come. I used to feel the same way as the person that said this. I now look forward to going to the gym and working out. Now don't get me wrong it does not mean that my workouts are easy by any means, but I do enjoy them. Every workout I am closer to my goals. My goals of losing 130 pounds. My goal of being the mom and wife that I want to be physically. My goal of not dying young like my mom. My goal of doing longer distance triathlons, and eventually an Ironman. My goal of being happy.

During my workouts i put my Ipod on and crank my music. It is just me, my music, and nothing else. I get in the zone. I do a lot of mental imaging. I picture myself out on the course for IMWI. I picture myself seeing my friends and family in the stands at the finish line cheering me in. I picture myself doing a marathon at Walt Disney World. I picture myself old playing with my grandkids and not dying young like my mom. I picture myself doing things I have never dreamed of and what is awesome is that I am starting to live my dreams. My dreams are not that far out of my reach and that's incredible and that is why I enjoy my workouts. I, Melissa Black, who was 306 pounds enjoys working out. I enjoy life and I am happy. I cannot wait to see what's next.

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