Friday, September 11, 2009

Ironman 2009

I am so excited that Ironman Wisconsin 2009 is upon us.

I will be volunteering from 1030am-730pm. I look forward to it.

If any of you are doing and you have not told me yet. Please send me your bib number and estimated time of finishing. I will be spectating at the finish line from the time I am done volunteering until the last athlete crosses the finish line at midnight.

Even if you are not doing the race let me know if you are volunteering, spectating, or whatever, so we can at least say hi.

I don't know if all of you know I have moved my Ironman date from 2013 to 2012. I wish it could be sooner, but I'm not pushing it. I will be doing Ironman Wisconsin as my first Ironman. Mark it on your calendars now, September 2012, and come support me, IronMeepa.

Stay tuned for more Ironman Wisconsin 2009 updates and pictures to follow.


Anonymous said...

I will text you at some point during the day or early evening to see if we can meet each other somewhere :)

I hope we can make it work!

fitncrafty said...

Have a great time!! Enjoy!!

Team Brazo said...

Very cool that you are volunteering again - looks to be a great day. I'll be wearing BIB # 1541 and hope to finish in the 10PM to 11PM range. Hope to see you out there.

Duane said...

Have fun and if you see Big Mike and his wife, please give them a hug for me!

Maddie said...

I'll definitely be in touch with you -- which store will you be in front of? I don't have your cell number, so if you want to send me an email or Facebook message with it, we can stay connected that way.

And, as for the date change? :D!!!!!!!!!! That makes me ridiculously happy, because I'll be able to come watch and cheer you on.

I am SO looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (and then afterwards I'm cooking a big spaghetti dinner for my dorm floor). Have fun, and keep on inspiring people!

Hope you had a good meeting today, too. :)

Mommymeepa said...

Maddie, I'm off to Madi to see you. I sent my cellphone number in a message to you on facebook.

See ya soon.

Anonymous said...

So sorry I didn't get to meet / see you. :( So bummed...

Our friend was the last finisher (official) at 16:56...he was severely dehydrated and didn't think he was going to make my hubby and another friend ran him in the last 8-10 miles...and it was fine by the officials on the course. But he is still in the hospital recovering...major kidney issues so he is on the mend, but needs more time and tests to get well.

Our other friends did great, ranging from 11:02 to 15:09...and then our friend I wrote above.

Someday we'll meet. I plan on doing IM WI again in 2011. What year is your goal for racing it?


M said...

Wouldn't miss the 2012 for anything!