Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No more sidelines for me.

Yesterday Parker went to a rock climbing birthday party.
He is not so fond of heights, so he was not that excited to do it.
I decided I would rock climb, so he could see me do it.
It has been years since I have tried and I am excited to say I did better than ever. Still didn't get to the top, but got more than half way each time I did it. I want to take a rock climbing class now. Fun times.

I was getting ready to climb the wall on the side where all the other moms were sitting. I was a little self-conscience about doing it in front of the moms. I had told the worker, Brian, about my journey and how excited I was to try it, but also a littler self-conscience cause of the other moms. He said to me, "You are the coolest mom here. Don't be embarrassed." That changed my whole outlook on it. I REFUSE to be a mom that watches from the side lines anymore.

Later Parker told me he thought it was cool that I was climbing the wall and that he was proud of me. He also told me that I was part of the inspiration for him to try it. It was neat to see him go from "There is NO WAY I'm doing that" to "Mom, come here and see how far up I can get."

This is what this journey is all about for me. My coach keeps telling me, "You are a new athlete." Today I finally feel like it. Today I can say, "I am a new athlete" and yesterday as a new athlete I literally went to new heights and brought my little boy with me.

Here I am climbing the wall. I'm giving Cindy a thumbs up as she laid on the floor to take this one. It was so much fun.

Here I am with the birthday boy Jack. He is an awesome kid that met while I was his preschool teacher. We met when he was 5 and he just turned 9. My life has been better since knowing him and his wonderful family especially his mom Cindy.

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Siren said...

You ARE the coolest mom there! I have that same conversation in my head all the time - I'm super self-conscious, especially in front of other moms. But I've been trying to convince myself that being the only mom who runs laps around Bear's practice field someday will means I'm cooler than the lazy bums sitting in lawn chairs on their cell phones.