Friday, October 02, 2009

Not bad for an almost 300 pound woman

Recently at the gym I was doing something that I was able to do longer and a little easier. I thought to myself, "Wow, for being almost 300 pounds this is a lot easier." I stopped myself mid-sentence and realized what I was saying. I've been 300 pounds and almost 300 pounds for so long that, that is what I referred to myself as. I realized that it was easier because I was no longer almost 300 pounds. I'm 249 pounds. That's no where near 300 pounds. I smiled so much after that thought and it felt great.

On another note, I am in the midst of having a garage sale. I am doing it to start the process of purging through the junk in my house to get it clutter free. I'm on my way. One thing I purged was my FAT clothes. I have about 4 shelves of clothes at the sale that are too big. I was folding them and sorting them on the shelf for the garage sale and I totally had this emotional moment. I even cried. I have so many memories in the clothes that I was getting rid of. Some good, some not so good. It was like I was cleaning out the emotional crap too with every piece of clothing I got rid of. It was crazy. It was good. I WILL NEVER, EVER go back to being an almost 300 pound or an over 300 pound woman again. It's a great feeling and a great journey that I am on.

If you are struggling with your weight please know that you can do it. I am living proof and if you need me I am so here for you.

Have a fabulous Friday! I know I will.


fitncrafty said...

Yeah for you!!!! I hope the garage sale goes well!!!

Siren said...

I'm the queen of purging. If you have things that don't sell, try joining freecycle ( to get rid of it. Also, I post all the time to the "free stuff" section of craigslist. There are things I can't wait to get rid of that I've had 40 people fighting over when I post it for free. Best way EVAH to clear stuff out without unnecessarily dumping into the garbage.