Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From Sloth to Cheetah

My family took a trip to Costa Rica a few years back and we stayed at a remote resort there. It took us 2 hours by boat to get to it. It was incredible. We saw so much wild life. I will never forget it. Everyday we took river cruises to look for wildlife and to take tours of nearby towns. Every day when we would get in the boat and we would start our journey. We would see a sloth up in a tree. We were there for four days and every day we would see that same sloth in our comings and goings. He would just be up in the tree in the same spot eating. That sloth maybe moved a total of 6 inches. Six inches in 4 days. We looked forward to our journey every day to see if that sloth had moved. On our last day we were sad to leave because we would no longer be able to check up on our slothy friend.

This morning I was talking to a friend of mine and talking about my journey and I said to him, "I'm just glad to be going from sloth to cheetah" After we were done talking I realized my life was much like that sloth in Costa Rica. There were days on end where I would only move from my room, to the kitchen, back to my room to watch TV. I would get my kids on the bus, and spend my days just eating and staying in one place. Not moving very much. Very much being a sloth. I would get the kids on the bus, eat, sleep, watch TV, eat, sleep, until the kids were off the bus.

These days my life if much different. I'm up two days a week at 430 am, so I can swim and be home before my kids wake up. I get Parker on the bus and am excited to get back to the gym to hit a spinning class, the elliptical, or to lift some weights. I'm moving faster than I ever have before and am on the hunt for a new adventure everyday. I may not be quite Cheetah status yet, but I am closer everyday and will choose being a Cheetah any day over being a sloth and am happy to report that my slothing days are over.

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