Monday, April 26, 2010

Let the butt kicking commence

I decided last night that it is time for me to kick butt, not anyone else's, just my own. I am going to kick my own butt. No coach can do it for me, no counselor can do it for me, weight watchers can't do it. Only I can. I need to kick my own butt because I have been stuck for awhile now. I'm done messing around. Don't get me wrong I am very proud of the 82ish pounds I have lost and kept off, but it's time to move to the next bracket of weight loss. Time to move onto the next bracket of what I will be able to do in life because of the changes.

Last night I just decided I'm done. Done screwing around. I've had this discussion thousands of times with myself. What am I scared of? What is holding me back? Why do I sabotage myself? I still haven't figured out all the answers. My coach has been pushing me to get under 220. I was 220 on my wedding day and not happy with that weight. He wants me to get past that weight because I'm sure he's thinking that number is a mental block and as I thought about this last night I think that he just might be right. Ok, he is right. Coach, you are right. I need to push through and just do it. We all know I can, so this is the week. This is the week that I will get under 220. I've planned my eating, I have my workouts, and I'm kicking my butt into action.

Another thing that my wonderful coach says is that I need to start thinking of myself as thin, as the athlete that I am. That is very hard for me to do as I have not been thin or an athlete in years, but last night I said to myself, "Self, you are AWESOME. You are an athlete. You can do this. Quit putting yourself down, quit the negative thoughts, quit doubting your ability and just do it. You are an athlete, you are a new person. You can do this." I decided then and there to start thinking about how I will be at 153 pounds after losing half of me. I decided to start calling myself an athlete and believing it. I have said I am an athlete before the key is I never believed it. I believe it now.

Back in November of 2008 everything just clicked to start my journey. I can say that on April 25, 2010 I had a breakthrough just like I did back in November. I feel great this morning. I am the only one that can truly kick my butt. A coach, a counselor, friends can try to help, but until I do it on my own it will never work. I have had a huge breakthrough last night and cannot wait to see what's next.

Let the butt kicking commence.


Jen Jenny anything but Jennifer said...

that Chuck Norris sign has to be the best thing I've seen today and potentially for the rest of year! Let the butt kicking commence! 4 days until May No Sweets starts!

Melissa Brown said...

You ARE an just ran a 10k!!!! That is such a big are also competing in a triathalon in July, right? I definitely agree with your is time to see yourself for who you ARE---an athlete who has changed her life and will continue to KICK BUTT!! :)

The (IRON) Clyde said...

I'm at 212, want to get down to 207 by May 15th...let's race, game on!

Anonymous said...

I was 220 on my wedding day, and I seem to keep getting stuck at that weight too. I keep going 5 pounds on either side of it, endlessly. Started the Calorie Nazi completely fresh about 3 weeks ago, and it's going so well I'm afraid if I talk about it I'll jinx it.

Hopefully we'll BOTH conquer this mental block and stay below 220 this summer!

Hugs, Siren