Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I weighed myself. I am 220. That is how much I weighed on my wedding day.
My goal of getting under 220 this week is going to happen.
It's crazy.
That wedding day weight has been an unattainable number out there for years, but not anymore. I've attained it and am blowing past it. I am so proud of myself.
I will hit 90 pounds lost by Mother's Day. What a way to celebrate.
Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.
You are all part of the reason I am so successful.


fitncrafty said...

This is the best news ever!! You can taste your success now!!

I am cheering you on!!!

MadisonDuo said...

You are AWESOME!

Guarantee 90 comes before Mother's Day - you know why - cause your out there kicking butt! Not that you weren't before...but holy cow you have been on a mission lately. :)