Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My three coaches.

I was talking to someone last night and we were talking about my journey among other things.
She brought up that my head is in a totally different place from when she first met me.
I told her it was. That I was a completely different person then I was just 2 years ago.
I told her that really I contribute that to the fact that this time I get counseling every week and that is why I am having success. I am getting the mental games, the issues from my past, how I never say no to anyone, all taken care of. I have been woking really hard and will continue to work very hard in this area because if you do not take care of the why's you will never have true success.

I then went on to say to her it's like I have three coaches. I have my physical coach, Bob Mitera, who helps me with my physical transformation. He helps me with encouragement, making my workouts, educating me on the body, my bike, triathlons, and whatever else I need to work on. I do all the hard work and he directs me in the way to go.

I have my mental coach, James. He has been incredible really helping me with a lot of the mental aspects of why I became 306 pounds. With his help I no longer turn to food for comfort. I am facing my issues and working through them no matter how painful that may be. I am doing all the hard work and he directs me in the way to go.

I have my food coach, Kirk. Kirk is my wonderful weight watcher leader. Kirk has known me for a few years now. He knew me at 306 pounds. He has helped me learn what to eat and how to manage my eating. I have his number on speed dial and he is always there for me no matter what time it is. I know that I am doing all the hard work, but he directs me in the way to go.

I know how blessed I am to have each of these people in my life. I really could not do it without their direction. I tried on my own for years and couldn't do it. Each one has a very specific role in my journey and it is neat to see how all the pieces are coming together.

To hear my friend say that my head is totally in the game now makes me so happy. People are starting to take notice that I am changed. I am not changing to be noticed, but it is nice that people are noticing my hard work paying off.

I just want to thank Bob, James, and Kirk for directing me in the way to go. Each of them at some point or another has told me that I am doing all the hard work and I acknowledge that, but I wouldn't be working as hard without them, so thank you. I look forward to where all of this is going to lead.

Ironman is my ultimate goal, but as we all know that is going to be a day that will signify much more than just finishing a race. It will be the journey from a 306 pounds, sad, depressed woman who has transformed into a strong, powerful, woman who can do anything. Another friend last night told me she doesn't think I realize how many people I am touching with my story. I guess I don't and she said, "Just wait. You will see when you cross that finish line in Wisconsin how many people's lives you have touched. You will cry and we will cry. When you cross that finish line in 2012 it will signify a life that you never imagined you could ever have and you will just have gotten started." She told me that she and her fiance (hubby by the time I do the race) will be out there cheering me on all day. I could not do it without my coaches and my cheerleaders. My family, my friends, and my coaches make it all just a little easier. Thanks!!


Bob Mitera said...

Amazing what can happen when someone believes in you (and you start to believe in yourself).

Maddie said...

Count me in for another person cheering you on ALL DAY for Madison 2012! :D