Saturday, June 05, 2010

Two articles about me within 5 days of each other

It's been really interesting how things are happening for me.

I was recently found by a Daily Herald Newspaper reporter. She found me through my twitter account. She is covering the triathlon I am doing on the 13th and wanted to interview me about my journey. We have met and talked and the article will be published on June 10th. I am very excited because I want everyone to know that whatever their dream they can start living their dream through hard work and perseverance. I will post a link when it is available.

Thursday my daughter, Tricia, started boxing lessons. I was talking to her teacher and he mentioned I could workout while Tricia is learning to box. I told him I was on a weight loss journey and we talked for a few minutes after that.

Fast Forward to today I took Tricia back for her 2nd lesson. Her teacher introduced me to a man named Tim Kane. He just so happens to be a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a website called Tricia's teacher introduces us, tells Tim about my story. He went home and wrote an article about me and it is up on

I have the gift of encouragement and I knew when I started this journey that besides getting healthy for me and my family I was also doing it for others. As I go I want to encourage others in their journeys. With the article in the Daily Herald and my article on I will be able to reach so many people and maybe, just maybe I will be able encourage someone to get off the couch and change their lives.

If you need to make changes in your life you can. Look at me. I'm living proof that it can be done. I am changing my life and starting to live my dream. Actually, it's no longer a dream, but now my reality and I'm loving every second of it.

Here is the article:

She's Lost More Than 90 Pounds and Wants to Lose 60 more

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Anonymous said...

WooHoo!!!! Great article. You have inspired so many along your journey. That is what life is about. Helping others reach their dreams and goals. In turn you become a better person.