Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Beach Inspiration

I wrote a poem this morning after going on my beach walk. I also wrote another Haiku. The Haiku is again based on a true story.

Beach Walk-by Melissa

Today I woke up to take a beach walk.
The water, the wind, the birds
These are the wonderful sounds I heard.
Quietly taking in my surroundings hoping no one would talk.

I love to feel the sand between my toes
I love sniffing the ocean air.
I take in salt, fish and seaweed without a care.
These are the wonderful scents that touch my nose.

From the beach I never want to depart.
Seashells, rocks and sand I take,
never wanting this spell to break
These are the wonderful things that have touched my heart.

A Haiku for you from an actual event that happend on my beach walk this morning. Enjoy!!

Walking on the beach
I drop my CD player
in the ocean blue


Poet in Motion said...

I'm at work and laughing so hard at your haikue (or however you spell it) that people are staring

Eating food at work
Laughing so hard that they look
Dork I am so there

Mommymeepa said...

What a wonderful Haiku. You are catching on my Haiku apprentice.

You are doing great
Learning to write a Haiku
You are very cool

Peace Out!!

Anonymous said...

I send my best wishes to your dear departed CD player. May it enjoy a peaceful eternity in the depths of the sea.