Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's Wednesday!!

It's wednesday and I already made it through kickboxing. It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired. I'm off in a few minutes to raquetball, which I am loving. I just with our YMCA had raquetball courts. That's something I could totally see myself doing when I get home.

I said that I would write about Sea World. We left camp around 3pm, so we could get 2 classes in before going. I decided that once I got there I would walk around by myself and catch up with my friends later. I saw the Sea Lion and Otter show, (very cute) the Pets Rule show (also very cute), an acrobatic show with people (not as cute as the animals), went on a cool ride called Journey to Atlantis, saw penquins, star fish (got to hold one) and just had a lot of fun people watching and walking around. I tried to catch up with my friends, but my cellphone never had a signal. When it was time for the fireworks I found a place on the lawn by these two sisters and their daughter's. They were 4 year old Shelby, 7 year old Samantha and 10 year old Kaylen (I think) They were the sweetest girls and they even shared their blanket with me. The 4 year old was so excited about the fireworks that she could hardly breathe. It was so cute. I got a cool hat that lights up, so they were really into that. After the fireworks we got back on the bus and came home. I was exhausted and it was hard to get up the next morning for our beach walk, but I managed. It was nice to see fireworks with kids because I really did miss being with the family.

I need to run to kickboxing. I haven't told you yet that I lost 3 more pounds, so I am at 6 pounds lost since getting here and just a little over 30 pounds lost total. I am so excited. I haven't been measured yet, so I'm not sure how many inches I lost last week. I'll keep you posted.

Love to you all,

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Mommymeepa said...

Oops, I put I'm off to kickboxing when it's really racquetball.