Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Back

Today I had to skip my first class because my back is hurting. I must have slept on it funny!! Please pray for me because I really wanted to work out hard today and tomorrow. I know when it needs to be rested though.

For those of you who don't know, but I'm sure most of you reading this know already. Keith is flying out to California today for a business trip. His business is not until Monday so he will get to spend a lot of time with the kids and with me. It will be so great to see him. I will probably burst into tears when I see him. I can hardly wait. :-)

The kids don't know he's coming. They are going to be so surprised. Tricia has had a hard time without him. This will be good for them.

Also, I have a friend, Joy, from London. Please pray for her regarding these recent terrorist attacks. I haven't talked to her today, but I know this will be hard for her. Thanks.

Gotta go get some grub. Love and miss you all, Melissa

PS Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 64 and in October I will be half his age. Pretty cool, huh? Bye!!

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Encouragers Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the next 3 pounds. That is awesome. You're doing an incredible job. Boy, you're going to need full time help at home to go do all the exercises every day that you are doing there. :) Well you have the walking path at the park too. I hope you have a blast with Keith. Make sure you click on the link. It's something to help you pass the frustrations until he gets there!!